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Appraisal Review Services
Appraisal Review & Consultation services are tailored to the culture, processes, and resources of each financial institution. There is no one-size-fits-all. Because each bank is different from its competitors, the appraisal review and consulting solutions provided by Appraisal Review & Consultation vary for each bank client.

Appraisal Review Services:

  • Contract reviews of commercial appraisal reports for set review fees (rather than hourly rates)
  • Examination of a financial institution's approved appraiser list for stratification and work sample vetting
  • AMC audit services, per the mandate of the IAG
  • In-house appraisal solution audit services, either on-going or prior to bank examination

Consulting Services:

  • Interagency Appraisal Guidelines (IAG) audit, examining a financial institution's appraisal policy, appraisal-related procedures, process implementation, and in-house or out-source viability
  • Assistance in vetting AMCs for financial institutions choosing to outsource the appraisal function
  • Detailed examination of existing appraisal-related procedures (informal and written) and recommendations to codify and enhance procedures to better facilitate production and meet IAG expectations
  • Examination of appraisal process, including forms used in that process, and recommendations for enhancement and better IAG compliance
  • Training of in-house personnel engaged in appraisal ordering, reviewing, evaluations, and validations
  • Detailed examination of existing appraisal policy and recommendations to modify the policy to better meet IAG expectations
  • Knowledgeable assistance for day-to-day appraisal or regulatory questions, either on a per-hour or retainer basis